Non-universal postal services

Addressed items that do not fall within the weight limits of the universal service (2 kg for letters, direct mail, newspapers and periodicals - 10 kg for postal parcels and 20 kg for parcels coming from other Member States) are considered to be non-universal postal items.

Regardless of the weight of the items postal services are clearly different from the universal service and therefore do not form part of the universal service scope if they meet at least the following features:

  • the individualisation of the postal item where each postal item is registered separately as soon as it is injected into the postal network. The postal item is tracked individually during the entire route:

  • the postal service is laid down in a special agreement between the sender and the provider in which at the least arrangements are agreed upon regarding the time of collection and delivery, the tariff, the delivery guaranty, the individualised tracking of the postal item and liability.