Exceptions to the licensing requirement

A letter post service is deemed to fall outside of the universal service scope if it can be clearly distinguished from the universal service and meets at least the following features: 
  • the postal item is individualised. Each postal item is registered separately for clearance and is tracked individually during its trip;
  • the postal service is laid down in a special agreement between the sender and the provider in which at the least arrangements are agreed upon regarding the time of clearance and delivery, the tariff, the delivery guaranty, the individualised tracking of the postal item and liability. 
Such non-universal postal services are not subject to licence, just like the pure transport of postal items and pre-sorting activities carried out by a natural or legal person by order of a sender.
Pre-sorting activities comprise the preparation of postal items according to the standards of the postal service provider, possibly in combination with other activities for the preparation of postal items such as the wrapping, printing or stamping of the postal items.