Special tariffs

Whenever a universal service provider applies special tariffs, for example for services for businesses, bulk mailers or consolidators of mail from different users, he shall apply the principles of transparency and non-discrimination with regard both to the tariffs and to the associated conditions. The tariffs, together with the associated conditions, shall apply equally both as between different third parties and as between third parties and universal service providers supplying equivalent services. Any such tariffs shall also be available to users, in particular residential users and small and medium-sized enterprises, which use the postal services under similar conditions. 

If the universal service provider – namely bpost until 2018 – decides to apply special tariffs, by means of individual agreements in particular, these agreements and all associated terms consequently have to be offered to all clients in the same manner: residential users, SME, large businesses, bulk mailers or consolidators, newcomers on the postal market. 

In accordance with this obligation, a universal service provider may not differentiate its tariff conditions for the client-senders and those for a similar service granted to the consolidators gathering the items of several senders. 

Nor may a distinction be made between persons who are part of a same third-party category, consolidators or direct customers. 

Finally it is not allowed to apply different tariff conditions for oneself internally and for subsidiaries compared to those granted to consolidators that are competitors on the retail market.