Based on the Article 4 of the Act of 13 June 2005 on electronic communications, the King can adopt a certain number of measures regarding the operators in the context of crises. 

Before a crisis occurs, measures designed to ensure the sustainability of certain priority electronic communications services and the use of electronic communications services and networks by priority users will allow a better crisis management and a diminution of its effects.  Article 4/1 of the same Act defines this principle.

Because of their scale, certain operators enjoy a key position in the electronic communications sector.  Article 106 of the same Act stipulates that the cooperation of the designated operators in civil protection can be called upon.

Immediately before or during a crisis and in order to diminish its consequences, the authorities must be able to communicate with the population.  The operators enjoy a privileged position to broadcast messages from the authorities to the population.  An Article 106/1 is being drafted in order to include the principle of cooperation of the operators.

The practical modalities of the above mentioned Articles must be laid down by Royal Decrees.