ULMs, airliners, balloons... all radio-equipped aircraft must have a licence on board describing the equipment, pursuant to international regulations. The person operating this installation has to hold a restricted operator’s certificate for an aircraft station. BIPT is in charge of issuing these authorisations and certificates.

Ground stations also need to be covered by an authorisation.

The licences for land-based communications are issued by the Private Licences Department.


Restricted radiotelephone operator’s certificates for aircraft stations are issued by BIPT following the passing of an examination organised by the Directorate General of Air Transport of the FPS Mobility and Transport. BIPT does not organise these exams.

Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport
Directorate General of Air Transport
Licences Department
Rue du Progrès 56
1210 Brussels

Information regarding the exams is available on the website of the Directorate General of Air Transport.

Certificates issued by the competence centre of the aviation unit of the Belgian army are also accepted.

Authorisation for an aircraft station

Numerous on-board equipment require an authorisation issued by BIPT. VHF radio, radar, transponder, ELT... you can not use these devices without prior authorisation. You must also have a restricted operator’s certificate to operate them. Generally, you must have both documents.

BIPT only has competence for aircraft registered in Belgium.

The legal basis is Article 13/1 of the Law of 13 June 2005 on electronic communications and Article 17 of the Royal Decree of 18 December 2009 on private radio communications and rights of use for fixed networks and trunked networks.


BIPT - Aeronautical Department
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