Electronic communications, postal services and media in the Brussels-Capital Region are BIPT’s main fields of activity. For each of them, the regulatory action of BIPT is based on six basic objectives:

schematic representation of missions

  1. fostering healthy competition and maintaining market access;
  2. contributing to the development of a domestic market of efficient networks and services;
  3. protecting the users’ interests while taking account of social inclusion, a high level of protection, clear information and transparency;
  4. managing scarce resources such as radio frequencies and numbering resources;
  5. ensuring network security;
  6. The new European electronic communications code (EECC) has added an additional objective. This code has not been transposed into Belgian law yet, but it will naturally influence the Council’s actions for the next three years. The new and sixth objective is the following:
    Concerning electronic communications, the Institute promotes connectivity and access to very high capacity networks, including fixed, mobile and wireless networks, as well as the take-up of such networks.

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