When you visit our website, use one of our services or when we carry out one of our legal tasks or tasks of general interest, we, at BIPT, process a certain amount of personal data. BIPT attaches the utmost importance to your privacy and consequently wishes to inform you as well as possible.

We also want to give you as much control as possible as to what happens with your personal data.

Should you have any questions regarding your personal data or the privacy statement, you can reach us through the contact details mentioned below.

To what ends do we process your personal data?

The processing of your data will be justified based either on a legal task or a task of public interest or on the explicit consent you will be asked for.

The personal data shall, for the better part, be processed in the context of the legislation regarding postal matters, electronic communications and audio visual media and/or by virtue of other legislation imposing obligations upon BIPT.

The processing can take place to various ends:

  • customer and supplier management,
  • dispute management,
  • personnel management,
  • security, 
  • licences and legally prescribed declarations,
  • criminal investigation missions

Apart from certain personal data required by law, you are free to decide whether or not you provide us with personal data. It is however possible, when you do not provide us with certain data, that we cannot accomplish the above-mentioned goals. 

Which personal data do we process?

We process different categories of data:

  • identity data
  • personnel data
  • data relating to trainings and studies
  • data from the Crossroads Bank for Social Security, the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, the National Register and other authentic data sources.

With whom do we share your data?

The personal data we process, are treated confidentially. They are only transmitted to institutions who are authorised to receive these data.

Such transfer may involve sharing your personal data with international organisations situated in countries outside the European Economic Area such as the ITU.

BIPT sometimes appeals to service providers who process personal data under the authority of BIPT.  In the contract with the processor, BIPT provides for the necessary conditions to protect the personal data. This service provider may only process the personal data according to BIPT’s strict prescriptions. Under no circumstances the data processed in that manner may be used to other ends than BIPT’s.

These service providers may be located outside of the European Union. In that case the protection of your data is guaranteed as they are situated in 

  • countries having an adequacy decision by the European Commission, 
  • and also because of the fact that appropriate contractual provisions have been agreed upon with the service providers.

Protocols regarding the exchange of personal data

The Act of 30 July 2018 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data prescribes that a protocol shall be established whenever the BIPT shares personal data by electronic means with another body or a third party.

A protocol is required when both the BIPT and the party with whom the personal data are exchanged are each the controller regarding the exchanged personal data. 

The parties concerned describe the exchange of personal data in the protocol. In this sense, the protocol is a transparency document explaining clearly to all interested parties which personal data the BIPT exchanges with other controllers. 

Further information is also available on the website of the Data Protection Authority.

You will find the protocols concluded by the BIPT here:

How long will your data be retained?

Data processed in order to carry out a legal task or a task of public interest, is retained for the time necessary for the application of the legislation or to carry out the task of public interest.

The data processed based on your consent, are retained for the time indicated upon the registration or until withdrawal of your consent.

What do we do to prevent abuse or unauthorised access?

BIPT has implemented a number of electronic and administrative procedures and hardware provisions. It regularly evaluates these and carries out updates to protect the data from unauthorised access, to guarantee the safety and to ensure that the information collected is used correctly in order to perform the desired processing.

BIPT personnel with access to information enabling the identification of persons, is obliged to protect that information in conformity with this declaration on the protection of personal data. That personnel shall, in particular, refrain from using that information to other means than those for which it is processed.

How can you exercise your rights in the context of your personal data?

You have the right to request a copy of your personal data at all times in order to verify whether the information retained is correct and/or to correct or update this information. Provided that this is not contrary to a legal obligation/the general interest, your request shall be granted and processed.

You can also ask to have your personal data completely removed if the processing is based on your consent. Provided that this is not contrary to a legal obligation/the general interest, your request shall be granted and processed.

Should you have any questions or should you feel that your rights have been violated, do not hesitate to contact us.

In order to guarantee your privacy and safety, we shall undertake the necessary steps to verify your identity before allowing you to consult and possibly correct your data.

BIPT has Data Protection Officer who monitors the confidentiality and safety of your data, as well as compliance with the applicable legislation. You can contact this officer per e-mail for all your requests regarding information or questions regarding your rights relating to the protection of your privacy.

You can also contact this officer in writing at the following address:

Data Protection Officer
Ellipse Building C
Boulevard du Roi Albert II 35 box 1
1030 Brussel

Should you feel that your rights regarding the processing of your personal data are not observed, you can file a complaint with the Belgian Data Protection Authority via contact(at) or by mail:

Data Protection Authority
Drukpersstraat 35
1000 Brussels

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