Service pricing

  • Concerning fixed telephony, you generally pay for a subscription to the operator’s network and for national and international (fixed and mobile) communications, during fixed or peak hours. 
    Most operators include in their basic offer a number of monthly free call minutes to other fixed and/or mobile telephones.
  • Concerning mobile telephony, you can:
    • Use a prepaid card (you can pay a certain amount in advance and the amounts related to your consumption are progressively deducted as you make calls);
    • Pay a fixed amount: you take out a subscription and pay a fixed amount per month; this amount entitles you to a number of free communications; you only pay the additional communications;
    • Only pay your communications.

We advise you to pay particular attention to the available promotions and add-ons which, if well chosen, can significantly reduce your monthly bill. 

Indeed, operators offer add-ons allowing to better profile you offer in relation to your actual consumption. For instance, these operators provide add-ons including a number of call minutes to foreign locations, or a monthly surcharge entitling to unlimited calls to other fixed devices. 

We invite you to look into your actual consumption profile available in the customer page that your operator provides to its subscribers on its website and to use it manually or automatically in our tariff comparison tool.

Offer cost comparison

To see the whole range of offers proposed in the Belgian residential market, BIPT has created a free online tool enabling you to compare tariffs. gathers all the existing tariff plans in a correct and neutral manner. Everything is checked by BIPT. Choose your service and specify your postcode as well as the maximum budget. Then choose between a manual or an automated search. Based on these data, we will calculate the most advantageous offer to you, including add-ons and promotions. After a few clicks, you will then get an overview of the different tariffs suited for you. Moreover, this tool allows you to simultaneously display and compare up to five plans of your choice.

Furthermore once per year your provider should inform you which tariff plan among all its offers would be most advantageous to you. In addition, you can ask your provider to indicate which tariff plan, of all the plans it offers, would suit you best. The provider has to answer within two weeks at the latest.

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