What kind of helpdesk do I need? Where can I find relevant/useful information?  

Should the connection be available at all times?

Beware: providers promise their best effort, but please check the quality announced and verify whether your provider undertakes to repair defects.

Do you want online support?

Does the provider offer such support? If so, at what times and at what rate   

You should make sure that any problems with your provider’s services will be solved quickly and professionally. Therefore, first make inquiries into the quality of the helpdesk of your future provider and ask what the opening times are and whether this customer service is free of charge.

Different performance indicators of the Belgian mobile telephony operators and Internet service providers are specified in our quality barometer.

Technical possibilities to get Internet access

Fixed Internet

Type of network Internet provider Technology Equipment
Telephone network Incumbent telephone operator Of the ADSL or VDSL type ADSL or VDSL modem, adapted internal cabling, PC, tablet or smartphone
Alternative operator for Internet and voice or only Internet Of the ADSL or VDSL type ADSL or VDSL modem, adapted internal cabling, PC, tablet or smartphone
Cable network   Incumbent cable television operator Adapted TV cable Cable modem, adapted internal cabling, PC, tablet or smartphone
Fibre network New and historical providers FTTH Fibre modem, adapted internal cabling, PC, tablet or smartphone
Wi-Fi network Wi-Fi operator Wi-Fi Wi-Fi modem, compatible PC/tablet/smartphone

Certain companies established in the neighbouring countries offer Internet access services that can serve Belgium through a satellite connection (e.g. Télésat, TV Vlaanderen).

Regardless of the network and the provider chosen, you had better check whether the offer you have in mind is indeed available at your connection address and whether the line quality does indeed allow access to that offer.

For the coverage offered varies according to the type of network and provider. You can go to the following tools to begin with:

Mobile Internet

Type of network Internet provider Means/ Technology Equipment
3G/4G network 3G/4G operator or service provider (MVNO) 3G/4G network Portable phone with 3G/4G access, smartphone, PC with 3G/4G modem (built-in or through USB modem), tablet suited for 3G/4G

The BIPT provides for a website on which consumers can compare the providers’ QoS in order to then choose the best offers as it gives a better idea of the user experience it offers. 

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