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This cartography collects and shows the data of all postal operators’ postal points on the map of Belgium.

Searching for a postal point is possible based on the geo location (being your current location) or based on a postal code or the name of a municipality and/or street name. If so desired it is possible to specify which kind of service (letters, parcels or express) or even which postal operator you are looking for. In the case of a search through geo location or street name, it is possible to set the radius within which you are looking for a postal point.

The search results are indicated on the map and in the results list at the right of the map, in respectively the following colours and icons:

Red location symbol + Symbol representing a mailbox : letterbox for dispatching letter post

Green location symbol + Symbol representing a post office : staffed point for dispatching and receiving letters and parcels

Purple Location Symbol + Symbol representing a point of sale : staffed point for dispatching and receiving parcels and/or express items

Turquoise location symbol + Symbol representing a vending machine : parcel locker for dispatching and receiving

By clicking on a certain postal point on the map or in the results list, the map will zoom in on the location in question (and the icon on the map will appear in blue and become larger).

Next in the results list it is possible to show additional information, ‘more info’ among other things, about the postal point.

This is detailed information regarding the available services, the opening times and closing days, but also the accessibility for persons with a disability (indicated by means of this icon: Symbol representing a person with reduced mobility).

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