You are entitled to call emergency numbers free of charge

The telecoms operator must:

  • Allow you to call, free of charge, the emergency numbers 100, 101 and 112.
    Please note that this also applies in some cases when you call via the internet, for example via Skype Out. If you use other types of Internet telephony, you must check if you can call these emergency numbers.
  • Allow you to send faxes, free of charge, to the emergency numbers 100, 101 and 112;
  • Check that your location is communicated when you call 100, 101 or 112, so that rescue services directly know from where you call.

You are deaf, hard of hearing or suffer from speech impediment?

  • You must then ask a special SMS number to This number allows you to call rescue services.
  • You cannot send SMS messages to the emergency numbers 100, 101 and 112.

Calls to emergency services through VoIP

If you use your internet connection to make telephone calls via nomadic services (a telephone number you can use anywhere in the world) or Skype-like services, you do not necessarily have access to emergency numbers such as 100, 101 or 112.

You have to check that with your service provider.

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