BIPT ensures the promotion of efficient and sustainable competition to the benefit of users in the telecommunications market. To that end, the Institute conducts market analyses at regular intervals, i.e. it assesses the degree of competition of certain markets in order to determine if they are competitive enough. For instance, BIPT reviews the behaviour of users and providers, the market shares, the prices and the technological developments.

When an analysis concludes that a market is not competitive enough, obligations are imposed on operators with significant market power. They are generally required to open their networks to competitors. The choice of these obligations is based on the objectives of the regulatory framework (i.e. promoting competition, development of the European internal market and the European citizens’ interests) and on principles such as transparency, non-discrimination and proportionality.

The topics addressed by BIPT within the framework of its market analyses can be grouped into five main categories:

Furthermore, BIPT always monitors compliance with the Open Internet rules and the correct implementation of the roaming regulation.

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