According to their needs, undertakings can buy standard broadband access or high-quality access. High-quality business connectivity is based on the following technologies: SDH, WDM and Ethernet. That type of connectivity is intended for undertakings setting high demands in terms of speed, latency, transparency, etc.

Standard broadband services, provided via xDSL, G.PON or Eurodocsis technologies, are addressed in the category “Broadband & Broadcasting”.

Decisions linked to the market analysis of 13 December 2019

The following decisions have been adopted or are being adopted following the market analysis of 13 December 2019:

Previous decisions

Market analysis of 2013

The Decision of 8 August 2013 identifies Proximus as an operator with significant market power on the high-quality access market. For this reason, Proximus must, among other things, open its network to competitors and publish a reference offer describing the available services and their prices. That regulated reference offer was developed by Proximus under the name BROTSoLL.

The decision of 8 August 2013 is complemented by two decisions determining in more detail the obligations imposed on Proximus:

Market analysis of 2007

The first market analysis decision on business connectivity was adopted on 17 January 2007. Seven other decisions complemented afterwards the regulatory framework implemented by this analysis.

Before 2007

Before the implementation of the market analyses system, the regulatory framework for high-quality business connectivity was mainly implemented via the decisions below regarding the BRIO interconnection offer of Belgacom.


Date Document
10 January 2007 Communication on addenda number 6 and 7 of BRIO
13 March 2006 Decision on tariffs for Customer-sited IC links
22 December 2005 Decision on the 2006 BRIO offer
16 March 2005 Decision on tariffs for Customer-sited IC links and ATAPs
23 December 2004 Decision on the 2005 BRIO offer (quantitative aspects)
14 December 2004 Decision on the 2005 BRIO offer (qualitative aspects)
1 June 2004 Decision on the adjustments to the 2004 BRIO offer (SLA, IC links, CSC call routing)
4 May 2004 Decision on the cost orientation of the retail tariffs for the leased lines of Belgacom for the year 2001
16 December 2003 Decision on the 2004 BRIO offer
22 August 2003 Decision on the migration of leased lines to the transport interconnection service
12 December 2002 Opinion on the 2003 BRIO offer
6 December 2002 Designation of an SMP operator on the leased line market
14 November 2002 Opinion on the 2003 BRIO offer (qualitative aspects)
4 June 2002 Opinion on the adjustments to the 2002 BRIO offer
18 February 2002 Designation of the SMP operators (interconnection and mobile networks)
12 December 2001 Opinion on the 2002 BRUO offer
14 November 2001 Opinion on the 2002 BRIO offer
2 October 2001 Addition to the opinion on the 2001 BRUO offer regarding the provision of backhaul lines
14 November 2000 Opinion on the 2001 BRIO offer
24 March 2000 Opinion on the half link and the transport interconnection service
28 December 1999 Opinion on the 2000 BRIO offer

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