The access to the electronic communications market is free.

Before carrying out an operator activity on the Belgian market, submitting a notification to the BIPT is mandatory. However, this obligation is not applicable to the operators providing number-independent interpersonal communications services. The legal framework is provided by the Electronic Communications Act of 13 June 2005 and the Royal Decree of 7 March 2007 on notification of electronic communication services and networks.

This notification is associated with the payment of a one-time fee. In addition, the BIPT charges an annual fee. The one-time fee and the annual fee cover the management and follow-up costs.

Each Member State decides whether its operators (apart from operators providing number-independent interpersonal communications services) have to submit a notification to its competent authority or not. Such notification has been made mandatory in Belgium. The Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) shall maintain a Union database of the notifications transmitted to the competent authorities (the BIPT for Belgium). To that end, the BIPT shall, by electronic means, forward each notification received to BEREC without undue delay. 

Operators need to ensure that their activities meet the obligations imposed on them by the regulatory framework.

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