Radio-relay links are used to link two locations instead of using a telephone cable or optical fibre. They can be established quickly, requiring little infrastructure.

In order to be authorised to establish radio-relay links, applicants have to fill out the following form:

Application for a licence to use radio-relay links, 2nd category.

In the 1795-1800 MHz frequency band radio-relay links can be set up without having to apply for a licence. These can only be used for audio links between the studio and the transmitting antenna, with a maximum power of 20 mW EIRP.

The 59-63 GHz band is also available for the installation of radio-relay links without an authorisation.

Transmitters operating in the 869.400 – 869.650 MHz frequency band may not be used as a radio-relay link.

  • For point-to-multipoint connections (from one point to several other points) one must be registered as operator. 
  • The point-to-point connections (connections from one point to another point) do not require registration and are usually used by free radios, municipalities, police forces...


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