In the 2020 annual report, the BIPT gives an overview of the past year. 

The year 2020 was characterised by an unprecedented health crisis. It has demonstrated, more than ever, the importance of effective and reliable postal and communication networks. The monitoring and regulation of these sectors, which are the BIPT’s missions, proved to be all the more crucial: the Institute ensured that no major failure occurred despite increased pressure on the electronic communications networks and parcel operators.

2020 was also the first year the BIPT's 2020–2022 Strategic Plan was implemented, with the purpose of embodying and defending a reliable and competitive communications environment for everyone, in accordance with the missions, values and areas of action of the BIPT. In the annual report, we explain how the four strategic axes were translated into action via the 2020 Operational Plan and the day-to-day operation of the BIPT.

The main trends observed by the BIPT on the electronic communications, postal services and media markets are also described in the annual report.

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