Lycamobile's Pay As You Go must be regarded as the roaming facility offered by Lycamobile to customers who have a prepaid bundle.

Because the bundles, which do not allow roaming, and PAYG, which does allow roaming but which is especially unattractive for domestic use due to the high tariffing, can in fact be considered as a whole, the functioning of both types of products can be evaluated in the light of the Roaming Regulation.

By imposing de facto a roaming surcharge on customers who have a bundle Lycamobile undermines the Roaming Regulation and confronts its customers with roaming tariffs that are notably higher than the tariffs charged to them for domestic use.

Therefore BIPT imposes on Lycamobile an administrative fine of 25,000 euro relating to the violation of Articles 6a and 6e(3) of the Roaming Regulation.

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