A new type of bundles has appeared on the market to meet the changing needs of consumers, particularly in terms of mobile and television access services.

This concerns family bundles allowing to integrate more than one mobile subscription or bundles with a mobile subscription in the form of a “common data pool” which can be shared among several members of a family.

This sixth edition of the national price benchmarking is taking this type of bundles for the first time into account through 4 new profiles: two profiles including two mobile usages, and two profiles including three of them.

Besides these new services, this study allows consumers to compare tariffs meeting standard profiles which were defined for the following services: mobile services, fixed Internet, fixed telephony, double-play bundles (fixed Internet and TV, fixed telephony and TV), triple-play bundles (fixed triple play & mobile triple play) and standard quadruple-play bundles (i.e. fixed telephony, fixed Internet, mobile telephony and TV).

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