• The BIPT publishes a study on the sustainability of the telecom networks in Belgium.

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    A study commissioned by the BIPT shows that sustainability is a major theme for the Belgian telecom operators. During the 2018-2021 period their energy consumption dropped by 11% and the CO2 emissions by 38%.
  • The BIPT publishes a study on data centres and digital content providers in Belgium

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    In order to get a better overview of the Belgian players in the field of data centres and digital content providers, the BIPT conducted a study analysing the commercial developments on the market and making an inventory of the services offered. Security and sustainability were also examined.
  • Save up to €240 per year by comparing telecoms tariffs

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    Due to the current high inflation rates, consumers are paying more attention to their budgets. Moreover, some operators also reflect the rising inflation in their prices. Therefore, regularly comparing tariffs in a far from uniform telecommunications market is more useful than ever to save money, regardless of the household budget. Several telecommunications offers have recently adjusted the amount of data included. Carrying out a tariff comparison helps consumers see which services best suit their real needs. The latest national price comparison study of the BIPT shows that this approach pays off.
  • ERGP Stakeholder Forum on 30 September in Brussels

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    The ERGP Stakeholders Forum is the meeting point for regulators, postal, digital, delivery and e-commerce sector representatives.
  • The BIPT publishes the results of its annual survey of the consumers’ perception of the electronic communications market

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    The positive trend on the market that has been observed for several years continues: consumer satisfaction has increased for the five items observed (tariffs, customer services, rights, information and billing), more specifically regarding mobile telephony.
  • Consultation regarding the call for projects 2022 “white areas”

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    In October 2021, Vice-Premier and Minister of Telecommunications, Mrs Petra De Sutter, launched the national fixed and mobile broadband plan (the “broadband plan”).
  • UPU Consultation on opening up the UPU to wider postal sector players

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    Opening up the UPU to wider postal sector players
  • Radio spectrum auction ultimately yields more than 1.4 billion euro

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    Brussels, 20 July 2022 – Today, the BIPT concluded the final phase of the radio spectrum auction. Following the conclusion of the first phase of the auction of the new 5G spectrum (700 MHz, 3600 MHz) and the existing 2G and 3G radio spectrum (900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz) on 20 June 2022 producing 1.2 billion euro, the BIPT has now also concluded the second and final phase of the auction (1400 MHz radio frequency band). In this frequency band another 90 MHz was auctioned. This auction yielded 216.540.000 euro bringing the total amount for the two auction phases to 1.418.732.400 euro.
  • Survey of the roll-out plans of VHC networks in the German-speaking Community

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    Survey of FTTH projects in the German-speaking Community.
  • The BIPT notices the positive impact of market regulation

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    While a lack of competition was noticed in 2018, the BIPT notices that the regulation implemented these past years is paying off without affecting investment in the new generation networks. The competitive dynamic has been restarted, consumers have access to a larger range of offers and get more value for their money when they buy convergent bundles (i.e. including fixed and mobile services). For an identical consumption profile consumers can find cheaper options today than in 2018. However, the evolution is less beneficial for non-convergent solutions (i.e. only including fixed telecom services); the amount to pay for such solutions has increased compared with 2018 while their content has not changed much. Moreover, Belgium remains expensive when compared with its neighbouring countries.

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