Through this decision, BIPT confirms that Proximus still holds a dominant position on the high-quality access market and maintains the current obligations that apply to the operator in terms of access, transparency, non-discrimination and price control. Furthermore, a new obligation is imposed on Proximus, i.e. to provide access to ducts containing its optical fibres.

However, BIPT took account of the fact that several infrastructures are already installed in several parts of the country and determined about hundred areas where Proximus, while being obligated to give access to its network, is not subject to wholesale price control anymore (except for duct access).

Following that decision of 19 December 2019, Proximus provided the BIPT with an update of the reference offer for active high-quality access, namely the BROTSoLL reference offer or “Proximus Reference Offer for Terminating Segments of Leased Lines”. BIPT has adopted a decision on this subject on 20 September 2021.

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